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Next Generation

Copper Beech & Co. helps families of means activate the promise and purpose of their next generation. Our expert team of educators, change makers, and innovators boldly combine new knowledge in neuropsychology, education, social responsibility, business, and organizational systems to prepare individual family members to lead their most enterprising lives.


Board of Advisors


Reflecting the circumstances of each Copper Beech Family and Next Generation Family Member, our philosophy is fundamentally 'one-size-fits-one'. Individualizing tiered engagements with durations spanning multiple days to multiple months, our consultants work alongside each client across their private residences, business locations, and advisor offices.

Engagements begin with in-person Discovery sessions to clearly define each Copper Beech Family stakeholder's goals and design outcome-based road maps for each Next Generation Family Member that detail the distinct competencies we will develop with them each quarter.

The basic work of life can be likened to trail building. No matter where we might travel, we all need a trail. But from where or from whom will that trail come? And how much will we walk our own trail, or will we follow someone else's?

Embracing this metaphor, we leverage deep expertise in Agile to facilitate three highly individualized engagement models we call 'Trailblazers'.


We know that families seek long, healthy, productive, and fulfilled lives for their children. Families of means are no different. But the complex and sometimes overwhelming burden of stewarding their legacy assets, contributing meaningfully to their family's legacy, and honoring the enterprising spirit of their family's founders can be challenging for children within these families.

We equip Next Generation Family Members to find their unique voices, blaze their own paths, and make their mark on their own terms.

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